Ria McIlwraith is a designer and type nerd. Occasionally drawing letters, frequently drinking coffee, always with an Australian accent. Currently doing all the above at R/GA New York.

Here is some select recent work.

The challenge was to gather and design content that replicated a uniquely L’Oréal feel across all social platforms, bringing together various content sources as well as directing social specific shoots.

Through the course of three months, the content evolved into imagery that was heavily informed by trends and aimed to elevate product imagery using cosmetic swipes and playful arrangements.

Shots were styled to look chic yet undone speaking to the L’Oreal brand personality. The result, an elevated feed, countless impressions and high performing pins.

Using the defined design direction for LOP.com as a base, the ask was to create a new look & feel for the L’Oreal Beauty Library that integrates existing content in a new way with overall improvement on findability and user experience.

‘Inspiring, dynamic and approachable’ were the guiding principles to create a destination that provides inspiration and education in an accessible but sophisticated manner.

Taking key elements of the LOP redesign including established behaviours and systems, Beauty Notes evolved visual elements to build a branded experience with a distinctly L’Oreal feel.

In a year when talk around what it means to be American is reaching fever pitch, an important message was released on July 4th starring WWE superstar John Cena.

As an extension of the viral video we created an opportunity for people to participate in a completely raw, unfiltered snapshot of Americans celebrating America; an authentic and very human demonstration of the diversity our speech talks about.

The site encouraged users to upload a photo to create their own portrait of America, simultaneously adding to the collage of images on the site.

Watch the Spot

In 2015, L’Oreal brought the Emmy’s to life by giving fans the looks and trends they wanted in real time.

The idea was to “realify” Hollywood looks with a visual style that uses everyday materials to bring celebrity style down to Earth, highlighting iconic L’Oréal products.

On the night of the event, we tracked the trends on the red carpet with a new interpretation of the bar graph, deconstructed trending and fan favorite looks in real time and translated red carpet looks into wearable makeup for everyday - from Red Carpet to Office to Date Night.

We owned the night by pushing content out the day after, when conversation amongst our fans was at its peak.

As part of a campaign celebrating YouTubers around the world, I was asked to create a piece of custom lettering to represent Australian beauty vlogger Lauren Curtis. A makeup artist who plays by her own rules, the task was to capture Lauren's feminine yet playful attitude in an illustrative style that sat happily within the rest of the You Line campaign.

A random assortment of things I’ve made by hand or on the computer.